Toast Films

Toast Films and Keko Dubai Celebrate 20 Years of Porsche Cayenne with Speed and Style

In its latest work, Toast Films serves a crisp slice of adrenaline across the Emirates to celebrate 20 years of Porsche Cayenne. Showcasing 6 bespoke liveries to mark the occasion, the production house worked in close collaboration with Keko Dubai on all aspects of the shoot. The result? Cayenne’s luxurious design combined with its powerful off-road drive captured against some of the UAE’s most striking backdrops
over the 3-day shoot, Polish photographer, Tomek Makolski pivoted his camera in harmony with the natural light and desert elements to create a cinematic look for the Cayenne E1. Uncompromising on dynamism, speed and a sense of adventure, Makolski’s images also accentuate the Cayenne’s custom 20th anniversary liveries. Created by Keko Dubai, each of the 6 liveries represent diverse local landscapes and cultural symbols. The shoot spotlighted these in locations spanning the Emirates at Pink Rock, Wadi Shawka, and Rams Beach. With separate video and drone teams to capture the action, Toast Films concurrently produced exclusive film content for this campaign. Playing with motion speed and shots from every angle, the hero film underscores Cayenne’s adaptability to its off-road locations. Toast Films invites you to view the work here: